How It Was Done #1

Welcome to How It Was Done, the first in what I hope will become a regular feature here on Portland Imagery, a break down on how a particular shot was created for those interested or just plain curious!

I’m excited to share this with you, so, lets get to it!

Before & After

Let’s take a look what we will be creating!


This particular property was stripped down to the studs and completely rebuilt from the ground up. Finishing it off was a brand new kitchen and wood floor. It looked great!

Step 1

Looking at the layout I knew I would have to create a shot showing the relationship between the kitchen and living area. I wanted to shoot it straight on and luckily positioning the camera in the doorway gave me the angle I wanted.

Our shot as it appeared to the camera. Note all the weird colors.

Step 2

Now that I had the angle I wanted, time to start adding some life to this scene. First we’ll add some light to the left side.

Step 3

Ok, so now thats even it up by firing a light on the right side by the sofa.

Step 4

Well, this is looking a whole lot better already but we can take it further by adding light to the sofa and the rear of the kitchen.

Step 5

This is where it gets cool. By utilizing the windows on either side of the room we can add depth and interest by firing lights through the windows.

Step 6

Let’s turn the lights on.


Step 7

We’ve come a long way from where we started. We’ve removed some of the bad light, added new light and created depth and interest with shadows and highlights.

Now we need to address the weird colors still present in the room. Look carefully at the floor and you’ll see a weird blue/cyan color. That’s reflection coming from outside. On the left side of the room the floor is reflecting on to the ceiling whilst over near the rear window the green bushes are casting a yellow/green glow all over the walls and ceiling.

Let’s take care of those areas by removing them by targeted color correction.

Step 8

All that’s needed now is some punch. We’ll do that by using curves in Photoshop to add punch and contrast.

Like What You See?

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